Boat Rentals & Docks:

Rental Boat

Here at Merkel's Camp we know how important your boat is to you and how important it is to have strong sturdy docks. We have great docks that are wide and have plenty of room. At Merkel's Camp, we have a protected bay to keep your boat safe in all kinds of wind! We moor our 22' sailboat in the bay in the worst winds imaginable and it barely moves!

The docks are steel framed with strong Red Cedar decking. The docks are wide and long and adjust to match water levels. This is especially important for people with physical challenges that have a hard time dropping way down into a boat or have a hard time getting out of the boat onto a dock that is much higher. The boats will be at a comfortable level with the docks at all times.

We have several different kinds of boats for rent that will meet your needs and budget. All our boats are maintained constantly and are fully equipped with all the regulation safety devices.

• Luxurious 20' Pontoon boat With 60 hp motor, 4 fishing seats, one on each corner, lounge seats in center.
• Deluxe 17' boat With 70 hp 4 Stroke motor.
• Deluxe 16' boat With 35 or 40 hp motor
• Traditional 16' aluminum boats With 25 hp motor

• All are equipped with trolling motors, depth finders, life jackets, minnow bucket and nets.
• Boat rentals include up to 100 liters of gas.
• Electrical outlets for each docking space, with no need for super long cords.

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