Perch Fishing on Wabigoon Lake, Ontario


Perch are the most common species of fish in Ontario and there are hoards of them in Wabigoon Lake and Dinorwic Lake. Even though Perch are not considered a game fish they are highly prized by our guests because not only do they taste fantastic, you can bring 50 home with you with a sport license for the big fish fry. Perch are everywhere and can reach the size of what people refer to as Jumbo Perch. You just need to anchor off a weed bed and drop your line straight down with a small hook and a tiny piece of worm and you can fill a bucket with them in an afternoon. While Perch fishing; you will also catch Walleye, Crappie and Smallmouth Bass.

Most of the Perch you will catch will be 9 to 11 inches. Usually when a Perch reach 12 inches it the fish gets thicker rather than longer. Some of the Perch caught in our lakes have been over 1-1/2 pounds. Terry has caught, photographed and released an 18.5" perch! They do get to be a surprising size.

Perch Fishing Tips:

Perch are the easiest fish to catch and on Wabigoon Lake and Dinorwic Lake & there are plenty of them. You just have to anchor at the edge of the weeds and fish straight down with a hook and worm. Once a few Perch start hitting your bait, other will be attracted to the activity. There are two really effective ways to attract Perch from a distance so you can stay in one place and catch buckets of them.

Put some Sucker or Chub minnows in a blender with lake water and make a thick fishy soup. Get a plastic ice cream or margarine container and poke a hole in the middle of the lid. Then slide a rope through the hole just long enough that it touches the bottom of the container. Fill your container up with your fish goo, put your lid on and wiggle the rope around so it goes deep in the fish goo and then freeze it. Then the next day while perch fishing just let it hang overboard. As it melts it will send a signal to all the Perch in 100 yards of the boat and before you know it there are hundreds under the boat. They do the same thing with Shark fishing.

A second and equally effective technique is trolling with a lindy rig or spinner rig with a piece of nightcrawler or minnow. Using a small split shot, troll slowly through weeds with spinner as far back as you can.

On Wabigoon Lake and Dinorwic Lake you are allowed to bring 50 Perch home so it's a great way to get meat for the big fish fry. The Perch on Wabigoon and Dinorwic can get to be the size of Small Walleyes. With all those Perch hanging around the boat you know a big Pike or Muskie is going to move into the area eventually so have a strong rod and a big spinnerbait read