Wabigoon Lake Ice Fishing:

Ice Fishing

Northwestern Ontario is a winter wonderland with many fun activities and ice fishing is one of the most popular. Walleye, Lake Trout, Pike, Perch and Crappie are caught in great numbers through the ice in Wabigoon Lake, Dinorwic Lake and the many lakes in the area that you can snowmobile to. On rare occasions even a Muskie or Smallmouth Bass gets taken through the ice.

When the ice has covered the lakes the water goes crystal clear and fish are attracted to the holes that fisherpersons drill and the fish are hungry. Usually what happens is Perch and Walleye are the first to arrive and all the action attracts Northern Pike. Our guests have pulled massive Northern Pike out through the ice.

If you have a snowmobile, you have access to hundreds of miles of groomed trails and you can get access to many lakes in the area for great Walleye and Pike action. Snowmobilers usually target the trout lakes. In the Winter Lake Trout feed ferociously and not only are they easier to catch than in the summer, some of the biggest Lakers ever caught by our guests have been through the ice. What makes this even more enjoyable is knowing that you have cozy warm accommodations waiting for you back at camp.

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