Accommodations for ATVers and Dryden Area ATV Trails:


Merkel's Camp is in the middle of ATV Heaven. Within 50 miles of camp are over 450 miles of groomed snowmobile trails, which are used as ATV trails in the summer. On top of that there is an extra 300 miles of rough trails where basically the only maintenance is done by ATVers clearing logs that have fallen. These trails are much more challenging and must be used with extreme precaution and safety. They will bring you though all kinds of conditions including swamps, sand, rocks and bush.

There are also endless game trails and old logging roads and paths spidering through the bush. ATVers should bring a compass and GPS because it's easy to get lost in the labyrinth of trails and roads. The benefits are endless adventures as well as access to small hidden lakes that almost never get fished by humans.

There are mechanics that specialize in ATV repair in Dryden as well as dealers and stores that sell all the accessories and replacement fluids you need for your ATV. We invite you to bring your ATVs. We only ask that a proper muffler in good working condition is on your ATV and in the morning and night you try to be quiet and respect our other guests.

Please Note: On the maps below, the thick lines are groomed snowmobile trails, this double as ATV Trails in the summer. The thin lines are ATV trails that are not used as snowmobile trails and can be a little rough and more challenging.
Big Map of Northernwestern Ontario's ATV Trails (1500x748)
Big Map of ATV Trails in .pdf ()